About the Journal

Medico Research Chronicles (Medrech) publishes various scientific articles on diverse subjects that are of significant interest to clinicians, practitioners, and researchers from all areas of medical discipline. The latest investigations, developments, and observations in the field of medicine and surgery are valuable only when the findings are brought into the knowledge of everyone through the medium of articles. By referring to the published articles one can easily save a lot of time by understanding the study and utilizing its results for further investigations. Medrech provides an electronic medium for sharing information on recent developments in the field of medical research. Medico Research Chronicles is a high-quality peer-reviewed, an online medical journal of the international standard published at bi-monthly intervals. Being an open access journal offers a broad global readership. The Archive for the Journal includes issues from the past. Readers can also register for free e-mail alerts, download and save articles to a personal electronic device and use the information for their queries. Through the publication of quality articles, Medico Research Chronicles is achieving strength to strength.