Copyright Policy

Medico Research Chronicles being open access journal allow the author to retain the copyright in their articles. Articles are instead made available under a Creative Commons license (usually Attribution-Only, or CC-BY) to allow others to freely access, copy and use research provided the author is correctly attributed.

Copyright on any open access article published by the Medico Research Chronicles is retained by the author(s). Authors grant permission to the Medico Research Chronicles to publish the article and identify himself as the original publisher. The authors also have the right to retain patent, trademark and other intellectual property rights (including research data), and also to proper attribution and credit for the published work.

Publishers are empowered to take on the author's behalf through a transfer of copyright and exclusive license to edit, print, and adapt works, while protecting their reputation. Through this way, publisher is encouraged to do different things on behalf of the author, for example to ensure that the article is widely disseminated, that all demands for rights to reuse material and permissions are replied to effectively, and to ensure that the original is properly credited.

Authors have to submit the duly signed, scanned copy of copyright agreement form by email to; at the time or within 7 days of submission of article. It is an integral part of publication process, failure of which may decline the publication of article despite fulfilling all other requirements. Authors may download the Copyright Format.